I am 73 years old and have always been active in sports. For over a year I had been having terrible pains in both hips from just walking. A couple of years earlier I had surgery for a torn rotator cuff. After 4 months of taking Americare products, all of a sudden I realized I was able to walk with no pain at all. I also realized that my shoulder was no longer hurting. It was a miracle. I thought I was going to need hip replacements and I was dreading another shoulder surgery. God Bless you Americare, I wouldn't be without it. I may now live to be a hundred!

Mr. J. Singer - Woodland Park, NJ


Ever since I have been taking some of Americare herbal supplements, I have been able to double the energy I put into my workouts and I have lost weight. So my cardiologist said I can now reduce my daily heart medicine dosage. First time in years! I am a firm believer in Americare and will never stop taking the products

Ms. M. Steele - Woodland Hills, CA


I have been using Americare Health drops for a short time now, and I am astonished and pleased about the results. On March 17th I fell and broke a rib and was also experiencing low back pain. Up to that time, I was exercising regularly. My ribs feel healed and now I have returned to exercising after only 6 weeks. I never dreamed this product could have this effect!

Ms. L. St. Paul, New Orleans, LA


I have used Americare herbal supplements and my Doctor asked me what I was doing differently. He said he noticed a change in me and it wasn't just the 22 pounds I had lost. I told him about the product from Americare that I was taking and he wanted to know more about the product. I feel better physically - all over. Thank you for this product. I am even going to start my precious mother on it!

Ms. A. Graham - Kingsport, TN